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Tuesday October 13, 2020


Giada Valenti

Award-winning Venetian vocalist Giada Valenti whisks her audiences away with pageantry and poignancy, dazzling them with breathtaking vocals, captivating beauty, and lavish stage presentation.

Venice, Italy, born and bred, Giada showed prodigious musical promise as early as seven, when she began studying piano and vocals. As a child, she would go on to electrify audiences in regional competitions, wowing audiences with her musical talents and her natural gifts as a performer. From Venice, With Love on PBS is a triumph.


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Blasts from the Past

marvelous - Mar 4 2020


Neave Trio

Neave Trio entertained with peerless virtuosity and sensitivity. Vivacious and entertaining, they played with passion, sensitivity and flair that fairly wowed the audience.

A special treat was the rich sweetness of Anna Williams' 18th century Italian violin.

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Fantastic! - Feb 5 2020


Bettman & Halpin

Patron remarks like "Best Show Ever!" and "Wow! We had no idea they would be THAT GOOD!" barely do justice to the wonderful show Bettman & Halpin presented.

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Happy new year - Jan 11 2020


Alexander Boldachev

An unprecedented concert with the audience on their feet after several  selections. Alexander Boldachev displayed absolute technical , compositional and arranging mastery with selections from Bach & The Beatles, Shostakovich, Chopin, Queen, Nirvana and self-penned selections.

Universal praise with many saying perhaps the best live performance of their lives.

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round two was a knockout! - Nov 13, 2019



With originals and unique covers from the Charleston to the Beatles, TEXAS GYPSIES thrilled the audience with their unique style and flawless musicianship!

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A smashing success kicked off the 2019 Season - Oct 16, 2019



This fast paced and one-of-a-kind show revived the soundtrack of the 1960’s and beyond. The music is 60’s Ameriachi instrumental pop! This show authentically re-created a sound that was quirky, retro, hip and brought back many fond memories!

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